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Sync Contacts with iPad and iPhone

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Sync Contacts with iPad and iPhone

Important! iOS CardDAV client does not support NTLM authentication. Your server must support Basic or Digest.

Important! Some versions of iOS CardDAV client has a bug with servers running on non-default port. iOS will try to connect to default ports 443 and 80 instead of the one specified in 'Server' field. To avoid this issue run your server on default ports 443 or 80.

To connect to your CardDAV server on iPad and iPhone follow these steps:
Open Settings, click Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select Add Account:

Click on Add Account in Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Select Other:

Click on Other

Select Add CardDAV Account:

Click on Add CardDAV Account

Fill-in your server info, select Next

Type server name, username, password and description

Note that iPad and iPhone address book supports discovery. You can provide only URL of your CardDAV server, you will be able to select address books from your server in the address book application itself.

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