WebDAV Server Hosting Environment

The Engine is independent of hosting environment and runs on IIS, IIS Express and Visual Studio Development Server as well as in HttpListener. You can also run the Engine in any other environment, for example in WCF, you just need to create classes derived from DavRequest and DavResponse and pass them to DavContextconstructor.

Important! For development and testing purposes, we recommend using IIS 7.x or later or IIS Express.

While you can use VS Development Server, we strongly recommend using IIS or IIS Express instead. If you still need to run your project in the VS Development Server, install the SP 1 for Visual Studio. Original release of VS Development Server (before SP 1) does not support IPv6 that is used by modern web browsers by default. Without VS SP1, you may experience slow VS Development Server performance, for example, when using IT Hit Ajax Browser or running Ajax tests. The VS Development Server is available from localhost only and runs in classic mode only while the integrated mode provides better performance comparing to classic mode.