IT Hit WebDAV AJAX Library Features

No WebDAV and XML Experience Required

The library provides a high-level JavaScript API that eliminates the need for studding WebDAV standards and protocols. The API calls are converted to WebDAV XML requests by the IT Hit WebDAV AJAX library and submitted to WebDAV server. The WebDAV server responses are then parsed by the library and returned to the user as high-level objects.

Browser Independent

The IT Hit AJAX Library runs in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer.

Function Entirely Over HTTP/HTTPS

Unlike FTP, WebDAV does not require opening port 21 and runs entirely over HTTP via firewalls without any additional configuration. WebDAV also supports secure connection via SSL that is not supported by FTP.

Based on Open Standards

The library is compliant with WebDAV RFC 2518 and allows management of Class 1 and Class 2 compliant WebDAV servers. With IT Hit AJAX Library you can copy, move and delete items, read and set custom properties, lock items and discover locks.

Open Documents from a Web Page

The IT Hit WebDAV Ajax Library can open documents for editing from a web page in a SharePoint-like manner. Depending on the document type and OS it utilizes either components installed by Microsoft Office or its own custom protocol.

Integration Tests

The library code is covered by integration tests, so you can quickly test if your favorite browser is supported. If you change the source code you can be always sure your changes did not break the library.