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WebDAV Server Examples in C# & VB

IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine is provided with WebDAV server examples in C# and Visual Basic that demonstrate how to build a WebDAV server with SQL back-end or with file system storage. You can adapt these samples to utilize almost any back-end storage including publishing data from CMS/DMS/CRM using its API, Azure, or Amazon API. The provided examples run in Kestrel, ASP.NET/IIS, or HttpListener.

You can browse WebDAV server examples on GitHub or download in the product download area here.

Note, that these WebDAV Examples were generated automatically by the WebDAV wizards for Visual Studio and there is no difference between code you get from the WebDAV wizards and these examples. In most cases using WebDAV Wizards for Visual Studio is a more convenient and straightforward solution comparing to configuring the example. There is also no difference between C# and Visual Basic samples.