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Upgrading to WebDAV Server Engine .NET v8

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Upgrading to WebDAV Server Engine .NET v8

The WebDAV Server Engine v8 provides support for Visual Studio 2019, has a new WebDAV wizards for VS installer and is provided with a new WebDAV wizards automatic update mechanism via Visual Studio Marketplace. This new version is provided in a form of a Visual Studio extension, as a .vsix file.

WebDAV Wizards for VS Automatic Updates

This new version follows standard Visual Studio extension rules and by default will update  WebDAV wizards for VS automatically from Visual Studio Marketplace. If you do not want WebDAV wizards to be updated you can opt-out automatic updates in Visual Studio ->  Manage Extensions menu.

WebDAV Wizards for VS Side-by-side Installation is no More Supported

Because of the move from traditional msi installer to vsix format installation, this new version can not run side-by-side with other v8 WebDAV wizards versions. For example you can not instill WebDAV wizards v8.0.22222 together with v8.0.33333 on one machine. Instead the old version will be replaced with a new one.

You can still run different Engine versions as well as WebDAV samples on one machine. Side-by-side limitation applies to WebDAV Wizards v8 for VS only.

At the same time all projects created by previous versions of wizards will continue running and use previous versions of modules referenced in your projects.

WebDAV Wizards for VS Downgrading

To roll-back to a previous v8 VS Wizards version (for example from v8.0.33333 to v8.0.22222) you need to uninstall your current version, download and install the required version. Make sure to disable the automatic updates in Visual Studio ->  Manage Extensions menu, otherwise your old version will be automatically updated to the latest one.

You still can run WebDAV wizards for VS v8 together with v7 on one machine.

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