AJAX Browser - Web-based WebDAV Client

Ajax Browser is a highly configurable WebDAV front-end control for displaying and managing documents in your custom CMS/DMS/CRM or cloud storage.

Open and Save Docs
Directly to Server

Using Ajax Browser you can open documents for editing directly from the server and save back in a SharePoint-like manner, without download / upload steps.
You can also jump to default OS file manager from web UI and manage files using desktop tools.

No Deployment

Ajax Browser is completely web-based.
Written entirely using Ajax, it runs on Windows, Max OS X and Linux in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE.
Ajax Browser also provides user interface optimized for mobile devices with touch screens.

WebDAV Standards

Ajax Browser communicates with a server using WebDAV protocol and supports Versioning, Quota and Class2 locking.
Your server can run WebDAV-compliant server based on .NET, Java, PHP or any other technology.

Getting Started with AJAX Browser Control

See how to start working with Ajax Browser. This article describes how to insert Ajax Browser on a web page, provides basic understanding of Ajax Browser API and configuration parameters, as well as how to hook events.


Programming the Control. Getting Started.
Customizing Ajax  Browser

Customizing Ajax Browser

Ajax Browser provides a broad Ajax programming interfaces and several UI Themes. This set of articles describes how to customize panels, grids, context menus and toolbar. You can also fully localize entire user interface.

How Documents are Opened from Server

This article describes how Ajax Brower opens documents for editing. See how to setup your server to support Microsoft Office and avoid read-only issue. It also describes how Ajax Brower opens default OS file manager.


Opening / Saving Docs to / from WebDAV Server
Opening Docs from Server with Cookies Authentication

Opening Docs from Server with Cookies Authentication

See how to open documents for editing from a WebDAV server with cookies authentication and avoid login dialog. The protocol app provided with Ajax File Browser can pass persistent cookies from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer on Windows, OS X and several Linux flavors.


Do I need the Edit Document Opener Protocol Application?

Find in which scenarios you may need the web browser protocol application provided with Ajax File Browser, such as cookies authentication, non-MS Office documents editing, using LibreOffice to open MS Office docs, legacy MS Office versions support, etc.


Do I need the Edit Document Opener Protocol Application?
Building and Re-branding Edit Document Opener Protocol Application

Building and Re-branding the Protocol Application

With a source codes license you can fully re-brand the protocol application, build it in "one click" on Windows, OS X and Linux as well as sign with your own certificate. See how to run several custom builds simultaniously on one machine and avoid interferring with each other and IT Hit's version.


iOS, Android and Windows Phone Support in v2.5

The v2.5 update brings touch screen support capabilities to Ajax Browser. The new loader provided with this update detects your web browser version and loads desktop or mobile interface optimized for tablets and mobile phones.


iOS, Android and Windows Phone Support

What’s new in Ajax Browser v2.0

The Ajax Browser v2 allows pause/resume uploads, automatically restore broken uploads in case of server or network failure, folders upload, as well as it supports upload of files over 2Gb to IIS-based WebDAV server.

Pricing and Licensing Options

IT Hit provides single server license and redistribution license that permits use on unlimited number of domains on unlimited servers as well as Client+Server license bundles. All Ajax Browser Licenses are provided with full source codes.