Activating IT Hit Ajax File Browser

Activation of an ajax product depends on your license type. In all cases you do NOT need the license file to activate Ajax products.

To download the non-trial version as well as to receive your License ID make sure to log-in to your account using the e-mail address specified during the purchase. 

You account is created or updated automatically during the payment processing. If for any reason you have not received an e-mail with your account activation or you can not find your password just click "Forgot password" link.

Note that IT Hit WebDAV Server samples for .NET and IT Hit WebDAV Server samples for Java as well as the code generated by WebDAV wizard for Visual Studio use the Ajax File Browser trial version. You need to activate IT Hit ajax products separately from activating the server.

Trial Version 

The trial is fully functional and does not have any limitations, however it is time-limited. It will stop working as soon as your trial period expires.

Perpetual License

In case of a perpetual license replace the JavaScript file(s) with the file(s) from the non-trial version. You can download the non-trial version in the product download area.

The product would NOT stop working after your support period expires. However new versions and updates are available for you withing support period only. To download the new versions you need to renew your license. You can find more in the Upgrading and Perpetual License Support Renewal article.

Subscription License

To activate your subscription set the License ID in JavaScript, before calling any functions:


You can find your License ID in the product download area. The License ID is also specified in your license file generated during the purchase.

You can activate the subscription for the trial version. You no NOT need to replace the the JavaScript file(s).

The product will stop working as soon as your subscription expires. To continue using the product you need to renew your license. You can find more about subscription license in the Licensing FAQ.


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