Upgrade to v1.5

The Ajax Browser v1.5.x.x is provided with new themes and the ih_vista theme that was included with Ajax Browser v1.3.x.x and earlier versions are deprecated. To upgrade your web page that contains Ajax Browser follow this steps:

  1. Download and replace the IT Hit Ajax Browser files if needed. The folders structure in the new version is identical to the old version.
  2. Update the link to theme CSS file. You will need to update the folder name in which theme is stored. For example replace Browser/themes/ih_vista/include.css with Browser/themes/golden/include.css.
  3. Replace the ih_vista CSS class specified on your container control (the one in which Ajax Browser is created) with ih_style class.
Note that all new themes are using the same CSS class – ih_style.

After the upgrade, you may need to refresh your web page pressing Ctrl-F5 (Ctrl-r in Safari) to reload all files or clear the web browser cache.