Ajax Browser Features

Standards Compliant

IT Hit AJAX Browser uses standards-compliant WebDAV protocol for communication with the server. The browser works with most RFC 4918 and RFC 2518 compliant WebDAV servers.

Open and Save Documents Directly from Server

Using Ajax Browser you can open documents (including Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Autocad, Photoshop, Adobe, etc on Windows, Max OS X and major Linux flavors) from the server and save directly back to the server. No download and upload steps are required! In addition, you can open the default OS file manager from web UI and manage files using desktop tools.

Independent of Server Technology

The IT Hit AJAX Browser is built using JavaScript. It utilizes WebDAV XML to exchange data with the server. Your server can run any WebDAV-compliant server based on .NET Framework, Java, PHP, or any other programming language.

Versioning & Locks Support

Ajax Browser supports RFC 3253 versioning. You can access file versions, revert to the previous version and delete versions. You can also see which file is locked for editing by other users.

Cool HTML 5 features support

The Ajax Browser utilizes latest HTML 5 standards and browser features. To upload files, you can drag & drop them from your local file system or use file multiselection in File Upload dialog. You can even browse files on a WebDAV server located in another domain if WebDAV server supports this!

Customizable and Extendable via Object API

The Ajax  Browser provides powerful API for programming and customization.  You can customize panels, toolbar, context menus and grids. You can also create custom dialogs that have look and fill of the Ajax Browser.

Localization Support

You can change all texts in Ajax Browser UI using the API and keep the original files intact.