Upgrading and Support Renewal

You can use your license for activating product versions issued within a year after the license purchase. After your support period expires you can still use your license with any product versions issued within your support period, however, you will be unable to activate newer versions of the product. To use the new versions and download source codes of new versions (for source codes license owners), you will need to upgrade your license.

The upgrade price depends on the time when you decide to upgrade:

  • Upgrade before support period expires: 45% of the license cost.
  • Upgrade after support period expires: 70% of the license cost.

The upgrade can be purchased at any time. If it is purchased before support expiration, the new support period will start after the current support period expires.

Renewal Details

To get the renewal details and then start the renew wizard please login to your account using the email address that was specified during the purchase and navigate to the product download. Select "Renewal" link near the license that you wish to renew.