Troubleshooting Edit Any Document for SharePoint Issues

Below we will describe how to identify issues with client protocol application, supplied with IT Hit Edit Any Document for SharePoint and where to find log files. 

The protocol application creates a log file on the client machine, that you can examine to identify problems. By default the application log file has the same name as application: IT_Hit_Edit_Document_Opener_<protocol>_<version>.log. Below you can see where log files could be found on each OS:

  • On Windows:
    • The app log folder: C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Temp\
    • The system log: Computer Management -> System Tools -> Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application
  • On OS X:
    • The app log folder: ~/.it_hit,_ltd/
    • The system log: /var/log/system/system.log
  • On Linux:
    • The app log folder: ~/.it_hit/
    • The system log: /var/log/syslog

To identify protocol application installation issues run the installer in the debug mode.

On Windows:

msiexec /i "ITHitEditDocumentOpener.msi"  /l*v "debug.log"

Enable web browser debug logging.

  • Chrome. To run Chrome in debug mode run the following command:

    chrome.exe --enable-logging --v=1

    The logs are created in %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ folder. You can find more info about enabling Chrome logging in this article.

  • Firefox. To run Firefox in the debug see this article.

  • Edge. You can find information about Edge errors in the Windows Event Viewer.

  • Safari. See this article about where Safari crash reports can be found.