Upgrading Edit Any Document

To upgrade your IT Hit Edit Any Document instance follow the steps below:

  1. Update the SharePoint Add-in. 

    You can download the latest build in the product download area here. To download the non-trial license file make sure to log-in with the email address that was specified during the purchase.

    Replace your IT Hit Edit Any Document Add-in in the SharePoint catalog. You can overwrite the add-in without deleting your existing extension.

    • In the case of a Tenant/Server license, all your sites will be updated automatically. Make sure to select the “Make this solution available to all websites in the organization“ checkbox after uploading, that was added in IT Hit Edit Any Document v4+.

    • In the case of a Site license, you need to go to each website and select "Upgrade" on the application in Site Contents.

    Note that in v5.0+ the name of the ITHitEditAnyDocumentSPSOnlineNewExperience.sppkg was changed to ITHitEditAnyDocumentRibbonActionsSPSOnlineNewExperience.sppkg, to distinguish it from the new Columns Add-in provided as part to the Edit Any Document v5.0+. In case you did the tenant-wide deployment using v4.X-, to automatically upgrade the Add-in, you can rename the .sppkg file back to ITHitEditAnyDocumentSPSOnlineNewExperience.sppkg. In this case, all SharePoint sites will be upgraded automatically.

    Note that in case you have deployed the add-in to the website manually, the deletion of the SharePoint add-in from the SharePoint catalog will NOT remove it from the website. You will have to remove it manually from each website.

  2. Update the protocol application if required. 

    If the client application is incompatible with the SharePoint extension it will automatically display the protocol application installation dialog. Otherwise, you can use the existing client protocol application with a new SharePoint extension. You can also upgrade the protocol app using ONE of the following options:

    • Uninstall the client protocol application manually. For example, on Windows, you can do this via "Add or remove programs". Next time when you access the "Edit" or "Edit With" commands a request to installation the protocol application will appear. You will download and install the protocol application that corresponds to the IT Hit Edit Any Document for SharePoint extension being installed.

    • Or download and install the required protocol application using the following URL:


      Replace <version> with required IT Hit Edit Any Document version, such as 4.2.3154.0. You can find all IT Hit Edit Any Document versions in the Release History.

    • Or uninstall and install the protocol application from a command line or use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to perform unattended uninstall and installation. See articles in this section for automated protocol application installation, unattended installation protocol application parameters, and web browser add-in deployment: Protocol Application and Web Browser Extensions Installation.

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