WebDAV Server Engine for Node.js

With IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for Node.js you can create your own WebDAV server, add WebDAV support to your existing Node.js project or DAV-enable your CMS/DMS/CRM.

WebDAV Server Engine for Node.js WebDAV Server Engine for Node.js

No WebDAV and XML
Experience Required

No need to study WebDAV standards and protocols. The WebDAV XML requests are parsed by the IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine and converted to high-level TypeScript or JavaScript API calls.

Can be Integrated with Virtually Any Storage

You can program the WebDAV Server Engine for Node.js to publish documents from any back-end storage, such SQL, Amazon S3, Azure or your DMS/CMS/CRM. You are free to program any folders hierarchy.

Tested with Most WebDAV Clients

The Engine is tested with Microsoft Web Folders / Mini-redirector, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Mobile, LibreOffice, iWork on iOS, MAC OS X Finder and other WebDAV clients on Windows, MAC, Linux and mobile OSs.

Examine WebDAV Server Sample

The library is provided with several fully functional WebDAV server sample in TypeScript that publishes documents from file system. Browse the sample code on GitHub and start understanding WebDAV server programming. You can also use samples to evaluate WebDAV Engine for Node.js features, examine integration with WebDAV Ajax Library and run Ajax Integration Tests.


Server Examples in TypeScript
Creating WebDAV Server

Getting Started with Creating WebDAV Server in Node.js

Class 1 WebDAV Server provides basic file management features available in every WebDAV server. On a Class 1 server, you can create files, copy, move and deleting files and folders as well as create, read and delete custom properties for each file or folder.


Creating Class 2 WebDAV Server

In addition to features provided by Class 1 WebDAV server, Class 2 WebDAV server supports files and folders locking. Locking is required to protect the item from being modified by other users. Many WebDAV clients such as Microsoft Web Folders, Mac OS X WebDAV client and Microsoft Office require Class 2 WebDAV server.


Class 2 / 3 Server
Working with MS Office

Opening Documents From a Web Page

See how to open hyperlinked Microsoft Office documents from a web page from a WebDAV server and avoid read-only issue.

Find how to open any hyperlinked documents, including LibreOffice files, AutoCAD drawings, PDF documents, Photoshop images, etc using WebDAV Ajax Library and Ajax File Browser.



This article describes how to find what may be wrong with your server. See where to find log files and how to capture HTTP traffic. You will also need log files and a traffic capture to report bugs and errors to IT Hit via our Help & Support center.


WebDAV Server Engine for Node.js Class Reference Documentation

Class Reference Documentation

Online class reference documentation provides description of all WebDAV Server Engine for Node.js interfaces, methods and properties.