WebDAV Server Engine for Node.js

With IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for Node.js you can create your own WebDAV server, add WebDAV support to your existing Node.js project or DAV-enable your CMS/DMS/CRM.

No WebDAV and XML
Experience Required

No need to study WebDAV standards and protocols. The WebDAV XML requests are parsed by the IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine and converted to high-level TypeScript or JavaScript API calls.

Can be Integrated with Virtually Any Storage

You can program the WebDAV Server Engine for Node.js to publish documents from any back-end storage, such SQL, Amazon S3, Azure or your DMS/CMS/CRM. You are free to program any folders hierarchy.

Tested with Most WebDAV Clients

The Engine is tested with Microsoft Web Folders / Mini-redirector, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Mobile, LibreOffice, iWork on iOS, MAC OS X Finder and other WebDAV clients on Windows, MAC, Linux and mobile OSs.

Opening Documents for Editing from a Web Page

Opening Documents From a Web Page

See how to open hyperlinked Microsoft Office documents from a web page from a WebDAV server and avoid read-only issue.

Find how to open any hyperlinked documents, including LibreOffice files, AutoCAD drawings, PDF documents, Photoshop images, etc using WebDAV Ajax Library and Ajax File Browser.