Auto-Restore Broken File Uploads

If your client machine loses connection with your WebDAV server because of network failure or server failure, the Ajax File Browser will automatically restore upload from the point where upload was broken.

In the case of web browser crush it will restore the list of files being uploaded, so you can resume upload. In this case, however, you will need to select the file in file system. There is no way to resume upload automatically or avoid manual file selection. This is the modern web browser limitation.

In all cases, before restoring upload the Ajax File Browser will request the amount of bytes being successfully saved o the server side using the REPORT request and then resume from next byte.

By default, the interval between automatic upload restoration attempts is 10 seconds. You will see the counter ticking for every upload that is broken. The amount of attempts is infinite by default.

To program the upload retry interval and amount of attempts you can use the following settings:

UploadRetryIntervalSeconds – auto restores broken file upload interval in seconds. Default is 10 seconds.

UploadRetryMaxCount – amount of attempts to restore the file upload. Default is -1, means infinite.


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