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Sync Calendar with Android CalDAV-Sync

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Sync Calendar with Android CalDAV-Sync

Android does not provide built-in CalDAV support. To connect to CalDAV server from Android, you will need to install the third-party connector for Android calendaring application called CalDAV-Sync or any other client software that supports CalDAV.

Important! CalDAV-Sync client does not support NTLM authentication. Your server must support Basic or Digest.

After the installation run the CalDAV-Sync and select Add New Account:

Click Add New Account in the Global settings

Select CalDAV:

Select CalDAV

Provide CalDAV server URL and credentials:

Type account data: server name or URL, username and password

The CalDAV-Sync application supports CalDAV discovery, so you can provide only the path to your CalDAV server, it will find calendars and display them on the next step:

Select calendars to synchronize

Finally provide your email address:

Enter the email address associated with your account

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