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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT Hit WebDAV Server?

IT Hit WebDAV Server is a set of interfaces and classes required to access your hierarchical storage via WebDAV. With IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine you can WebDAV-enable your existing document or content management system.

Why is IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine useful for creating WebDAV server?

Creating WebDAV server require significant web development experience. Without IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine you will need to study RFC 2518 and while developing catch web requests with Microsoft Network Monitor (or similar utility) to understand problems. Moreover, most likely you will be using Microsoft WebDAV Client (Web Folders) and Microsoft Office applications to access your server. Microsoft WebDAV Client and Microsoft Office applications are not fully compatible with RFC 2518, so it will require additional programming.

Do I need RFC2518 and XML programming experience to create my WebDAV Server?

No. The engine provides the high-level API for creating your server. It parses all XML data received from the client application and converts it to objects and API calls. It also converts the result of the function calls back to XML and sends it to WenDAV client application.

What HTTP headers does WebDAV engine attach/modify?

WebDAV server may attach or modify following HTTP headers: Content-Range, Last-Modified, Lock-Token, DAV, Allow, Public, Accept-Ranges. Your server implementation may also modify/attach Content-Length header.

Does WebDAV server support SSL / HTTPS?


Does WebDAV Server Engine supports Range header (partial downloads)?


What authentication types does WebDAV server support?

WebDAV server is independent of authentication schemas. You can implement Basic, Digest, Integrated Windows authentication and authenticate against windows or your custom users store.

Does WebDAV Server Engine support LOCK and UNLOCK requests?

Yes. You have to implement ILock, IFolderLock and ILockNull interfaces for Class 2 support.

What IIS versions does WebDAV Server Engine support?

IIS 7.x, IIS 6.0, IIS 5.1.

Will I be able to upload a file over 2Gb to WebDAV server using WebFolders?

Yes. Using WebFolders you can upload files of any size. Note that you will have to develop HttpListener-based server. ASP.NET and IIS do not support PUT requests over 2Gb, thus HttpHandler-based server does not support uploading files over 2Gb.