Opening Documents from a Web Page

Articles in this section describe how to open MS Office and non-MS Office documents from a web page in various authentication scenarios, run OS file manager, build a re-branded version of protocol application, find and troubleshoot issues.

Opening Microsoft Office Documents and Other Types of Files for Editing From a Web Page

This article describes main functions for opening docs from a web page provided by IT Hit WebDAV Ajax Library. It contains samples that work with Basic, Digest, NTLM and Kerberos authentication and describes differences in opening MS Office documents and all other types of documents.

Opening MS Office and other Docs on a Web Site with Cookies Authentication

This article continues description of DavProtocolEditDocument() function and its usage with cookies authentication.

Do I Need to Install davX: Protocol on a Client Machine to Open Documents from a Web Page?

This article describes scenarios in which you may need the web browser protocol application provided with WebDAV Ajax library, such as cookies authentication, non-MS Office documents editing, using LibreOffice to open MS Office docs, legacy MS Office versions support, etc.

Opening OS File Manager from a Web Page

See how to open OS file manager on Windows, OS X and Linux using IT Hit WebDAV Ajax Library.

Re-branding Protocol Apps and Building from Source Code

The Source Codes license is provided with complete web browser protocol applications source codes for Windows, OS X and Linux. See how to build your customized versions from from source codes in "one click" and avoid interfering with each other.

Troubleshooting Protocol Application

See where to find logs and what information is required to understand issues and report bugs to IT Hit.