IT Hit WebDAV Server Sample with File System Back-End for ASP.NET Core

This sample is provided as part of the IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine v5 Beta and published to NuGet.

This is a WebDAV server sample with file system back-end that stores all data in file system and runs on ASP.NET Core on Windows, OS X and Linux. The sample keeps locks and custom properties in NTFS Alternate Data File Streams in case of Windows and in Extended Attributes in case of OS X and Linux.

Running Sample Using Command Prompt

The instructions below are universal for Windows, OS X and Linux.

  1. Install .NET Core. Follow instructions on this page to install Microsoft .NET Core on Windows, OS X and Linux:
  2. Create a project folder, for example /WebDAVServer/, and navigate to that folder in console.
  3. Get the project from NuGet: 
    Nuget Install WebDAVServer.FileSystemStorage -Pre
  4. Convert the project file if required. Navigate to the project folder: /WebDAVServer.FileSystemStorage.<version>/, where the project.json or WebDAVServer.FileSystemStorage.<version>.scproj file file is located. If the project file is in JSON format (there is a project.json file in the folder) convert it to .scproj format:
    dotnet migrate
  5. Restore dependencies:
    dotnet restore
  6. Build the project:
    dotnet build
  7. Run the project:
    dotnet run

Now your server runs on http://localhost:5000. Open the web browser with this URL and you will see the web page that lists folder content on your server and provides edit button/link for opening each file from server using WebDAV Ajax Library. You can also run Ajax Integration test to find if your server is running correctly. To upload documents, create folders, copy and move files, manage custom properties, etc you can use the Browse Using Ajax File browser button.

License File 

IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine is fully functional and does not have any limitations, including when using with a trial license.

The IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine can run without explicitly specifying a license for 5 days. If you do not set the license text in appsettings.webdav.json, the Engine will automatically request a trial license from IT Hit website Make sure it is accessible via firewalls if any. After 5 days the Engine will stop working.

To run the Engine with a trial license for a longer period you can generate a 1-month trial license in the product download area.

Download the license file and specify it's content in "License" field under "DavEngineOptions" in appsettings.webdav.json file.