Map WebDAV Drive Localization and Rebranding


All text strings and images used in IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive are stored in external files and could be easily localized, as well as you can add new language versions. All strings are stored under the \Translation folder in .xml files in the folder that has locale name.


The most simple approach to translation is just to localize all strings in .resx files provided with BuildMsi sample, located under \Samples\BuildMsi\Translation\en-us folder, and then build the .msi packages running build_x64.bat and build_x86.bat.


The more advanced approach would be adding a new language(s) in addition to the existing one. The IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive is provided with a single locale – en-us. To add a new language version create a new folder under the Translation folder. For instance, to add French language add fr-fr folder, copy all files from en-us folder and edit the .resx files with any text or XML editor. To distribute the Map WebDAV Drive to users, you will have to pack all new language files to your installation program. Edit the Install_x64.wxs and Install_x86.wxs files, add the new files similar to how it is done for en-us files and finally run the build_x64.bat and build_x86.bat.


To set active locale for the user, you must set Language value in the registry for this user under the key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IT Hit\Map WebDAV Drive

If no Language value is found under this key the Map WebDAV Drive will use the value set under the following key:


By default, the Language value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is set to en-us.

Usually, you will set Language value either during installation or you will create a program to switch locale from user interface after install.

User Interface Customization

Many user interface settings are stored in .resx files provided with SDK. In these files, you can change dialogs and controls settings such as position, dimensions, visibility, color, etc and then pack your changed files to the installation program. For instance, you can hardcode the default value of your WebDAV server in \Translation\en-us\WizardForm.resx file editing tbUrl.Text textbox value.


To get more information about .resx file format please consult Microsoft documentation.

Windows Explorer Context Menus Customization

IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive provides locking and versions management support that may not be supported by your WebDAV server. To hide unnecessary commands in Windows Explorer context menus edit the \Translation\en-us\ITHit.MapWebDAVDrive.Service.resx file. For instance to hide the Enable Version Control menu set EnableversioncontrolVisible value to False.


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