What's New

What's New in the Release Version

The IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive was completely redesigned to improve performance and provide better user experience.

Sample Install Project

A new sample Wix project provided with the SDK creates MSI installation file from IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive merge module. You can modify this project to adapt Map WebDAV Drive to your needs and build your customized install. To build the project no Visual Studio is required, you will need only Wix 3.0.
More: Samples

Localization, Rebranding and Customization Support

All strings and images are now stored outside of dll and exe files. You can easily localize all IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive using a text or XML editor and finally build your install running a batch file provided with sample install project. You can also hide/remove unused menu items from Windows Explorer dropdown menu.
More: Localization and Rebranding

Drive Events

Now you can specify an external file to be executed during various Map WebDAV Drive events. For instance, when a file is created, you can present dialog to the user to enter file description and associate this description with a file. The new sample is provided with SDK that demonstrates this approach.
More: Drive Events

Improved Windows Explorer Integration

Windows Explorer automatically downloads all .exe files to extract icons that could be very annoying for large files. In the new version, we provide deep integration with windows shell to avoid this. File status (locked, checked-out) is now displayed over the file icon as well as now you can lock/unlock and check-out/check-in files in all subdirectories with a single click.

Integrated Windows Authentication Support

IT Hit Map WebDAV drive now provides improved security supporting Integrated Windows Authentication. You can connect to WebDAV server that utilizes NTLM or Kerberos authentication without entering username or password.

Unbuffered Upload

Unbuffered upload for NTLM and Kerberos authentication now supported. In the beta release, only Basic and Digest authentication supported unbuffered upload.

Improved Performance

The release runs much faster comparing to the Beta 2 version:

  • Create a folder: 5 times faster.
  • Folder content listing: 2.9 times faster.
  • Delete the folder: 21 times faster.
  • Large file upload: 2.7 faster.
  • Large file download: 1.9 times faster.

What's New in Beta 2

Programming API for .Net

Now you can mount the drive using the .Net API, package the Map WebDAV Drive with your installation program using provided merge module or fully build your own drive mapping tool. See how to use the API.

Redistribution License

The Beta 2 provides a new Redistribution license that allows royalty-free redistribution as part of your application.

Transfer Progress Info

The Beta 2 provides tray application that displays mini-dialog with file upload and download progress.

Locks Support

For servers that support locking now you can lock items and manage locks.

File Versioning Support

Now you can check-out/check-in files, revert to a specific file version and delete file versions if server supports DeltaV features.

Improved Transfer Performance

In Beta 2 by default, the file is downloaded from the server only if it was modified. This significantly improves Windows Explorer response time when used with a mounted drive. You can also configure Map WebDAV Drive to the download file each time it is requested.