IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive Features

Any Application Can Store Files on a WebDAV Server

The IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive mounts drive to a file system on your local computer so your client applications no more need WebDAV support! Now you can use familiar Windows Explorer interface, command prompt or your favorite file manager for accessing files on a WebDAV server.

Securely Runs Over HTTP/SSL

Unlike FTP clients IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive does not require opening port 21 and runs entirely over HTTP via firewalls without any additional configuration. It also supports secure connection via SSL that is not supported by FTP. The Map WebDAV Dive supports Basic, Digest, NTLM and Kerberos authentication schemas.

Programmable Via .Net API

With IT Hit Map WebDAV Dive you can mount a drive using the .Net API, include the Map WebDAV Drive to your installation program or build your own interface for drive mapping. The Redistribution license allows royalty-free redistribution of IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive as part of your application.

Localization and Rebranding Support

All localizable strings and images are stored in external files, so you can easily translate the Map WebDAV Drive to any language as well as add new languages. The sample install project included with the SDK will help you to prepare the ready-to-use installation package in minutes.

Based on the Latest File Management Standards

IT Hit Map DebDAV Drive utilizes the most modern Internet file management standards, security protocols and authentication schemas. The Map WebDAV Drive is compliant with WebDAV RFC 2518 and DeltaV RFC 3253. The library allows management of Class 1, Class 2 compliant WebDAV servers and supports DeltaV Core-Versioning Package.

DeltaV Support

IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive supports RFC 3253 Core-Versioning Package. If your server supports DeltaV, in addition to usual file management you can check-out/check-in files and track file versions according to open standards.