Map WebDAV Drive Samples

BuildMsi Sample

The BuildMsi sample demonstrates how to use IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive merge modules provided with the SDK. The sample provides two Wix projects that create ready to use x86 and x64 Windows Installer Packages identical to the packages that you can download from You can use this project to build a localized version of IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive or to customize the installation to meet your needs.


Wix 3.0 RC or later version.

Building the Sample Projects

The BuildMsi sample is provided with build_x86.bat and build_x64.bat batch files that create 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Map WebDAV Drive. For the sake of simplicity path to Wix installation folder is hardcoded at the beginning of each batch file. To build the 32-bit version of Map WebDAV Drive, edit the path in build_x86.bat and run it. To build the 64-bit version, edit the path in build_x64.bat and run it.

CommentOnFileUpdate Sample

This sample demonstrates how to create an application that consumes Hit Map WebDAV Drive events. When a file is being created or updated on a drive created by the Map WebDAV Drive tool the sample application is executed. The application presents dialog to the user for entering the comment that will be associated with a file. Finally the application updates comment on the WebDAV server using IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive Service API and IT Hit WebDAV Client API for .Net.


Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive

Setting up Sample

To run this sample you must have IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive installed. Go to Start->All Programs->IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive->Map WebDAV Drive and fill your WebDAV server connection info. Than click Settings button and select Events tab. In the On Create field provide path to the file that will run when file is created, that is to CommentOnFileUpdate.exe located in \Samples\CommentOnFileUpdate\bin\ folder.