Upgrading Your Code to WebDAV Client Library for .NET v5.0

IT Hit WebDAV Client Library v5 for .NET provides a .NET 5.0 support based on HttpClient classes. 

The v5 is not backward compatible with v4 version.

How to Migrate Your Code to New HttpClient Interfaces

Follow the steps below:

  1. Change the reference to ITHit.WebDAV.Client.dll in your project. Remove the old reference and add the new one located under \Async\ folder.
  2. Replace WebDavSessionAsync class with WebDAVSession.
  3. Replace Open prefix for WebDAVSession methods with Get prefix. For example replace OpenFolderAsync with GetFolderAsync.
  4. Remove 'Async' suffix to all interfaces. For example, replace IFolderAsync with IFolder.
  5. Follow API changes to implement all other key points changes. 

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