IT Hit WebDAV Client API for .NET Features

No WebDAV and XML Experience Required

The library provides a high-level.Net API that eliminates the need for studding WebDAV standards and protocols. The API calls are converted to WebDAV XML requests and submitted to WebDAV server. The WebDAV server responses are then parsed by the library and returned to the user as high-level objects and interfaces.

Create iOS and Android Applications Based on Xamarin

IT Hit WebDAV Client API can be used for creating mobile applications - the library provides DLLs compiled for Xamarin.iOS and Mono.Android. The source codes version is provided with over 90 integration tests for iOS and Android.

Function Entirely Over HTTP/HTTPS

Unlike FTP, WebDAV does not require opening port 21 and runs entirely over HTTP via firewalls without any additional configuration. WebDAV also supports secure connection via SSL that is not supported by FTP.

Based on Open Standards

The library is compliant with WebDAV RFC 4918, 2518 and DeltaV RFC 3253. The library allows management of Class 1, Class 2 compliant WebDAV servers and supports DeltaV Core-Versioning Package. With IT Hit WebDAV Client API you can copy, move and delete items, read and set custom properties, upload and download files of any size, lock items and discover locks.

Basic, Digest, NTLM and Kerberos Support

The API supports any authentication schemes supported by .NET Framework such as Basic, Digest, NTLM, Kerberos or custom authentication schemes.

Pause \ Cancel \ Restore File Uploads and Downloads

With resumable upload feature, you can easily manage large files uploads. You can pause, cancel and restore broken uploads and downloads as well as request amount of bytes successfully saved on the server side if upload breaks. If you are running IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine on the server side you can even overcome 2Gb upload limitation in IIS/ASP.NET and upload files of any size to IIS.

DeltaV Support

IT Hit WebDAV Client API supports RFC 3253 Core-Versioning Package. You can check-out/check-in files and track file versions according to open standards. The library supports linear versioning, Version-Control feature, Update feature, Version-History feature, and auto-versioning.

Unit Tests and Integration Tests Provided with Source Codes

90% of library code is covered by unit tests and integration tests provided with a source codes license. Both synchronous and asynchronous interfaces are covered including iOS and Android versions.