Windows WebDAV Browser Sample

This is a legacy sample provided with IT Hit WebDAV Client Library for .NET v2 and earlier.

WebDAV Browser Sample provided with the API is a full featured file manager and upload / download manager that demonstrates most features of the API: 

  • Pause \ resume \ cancel uploads and downloads. 
  • Restore broken uploads and downloads. 
  • Folders upload and download. 
  • Drag-drop files and folders from local disk to WebDAV server and back. 
  • Upload of files over 2Gb to IIS / ASP.NET. 
  • Locks management. 
  • Check-in\check-out, versions management. 
  • Basic, Digest, NTLM and Kerberos authentication and SSL connection.

How to upload the file/folder in WebDAV Browser


WebDAV Browser Sample Download