Map WebDAV Drive

With Map WebDAV Drive you can access to WebDAV servers
Drive mapping software based on latest Internet file management standards.


  • Easily programmed via .Net
  • Redistribute as part of your application
  • Supports localization, rebranding and customization
  • Supports Basic, Digest, NTLM and Kerberos authentication as well as SSL / HTTPS connections
  • Runs on Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 / XP / 2003 both 32 and 64-bit
  • WebDAV RFC 2518 and RFC 3253 compliant
  • Runs over HTTP via firewalls without any configuration
  • Lock / Unlock features: prevent other users from modifying your files
  • DeltaV support: browse file versions, download version and revert to specific version
  • more...  
  • With IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive any Windows application can securely access files on a server that supports WebDAV protocol. You can create, delete, copy, move files and folders; upload / download files, open and save files directly to WebDAV server.
  • As soon as Map WebDAV Drive mounts drive to a file system on your local computer you can use familiar Windows Explorer interface, command prompt or your favorite file manager. Your client applications no more need WebDAV support!
  • The IT Hit Map WebDAV Drive runs via firewalls over HTTP/SSL and does not require opening any additional ports. It utilizes the most modern Internet file management standards, security protocols and authentication schemas.
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