What’s New in IT Hit WebDAV Client API

What’s New in V 1.2

Resumable Upload

With resumable upload feature, you can easily manage large files uploads. You can pause \ resume, cancel and restore broken uploads as well as request amount of bytes successfully saved on the server side. If you are running IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine on the server side you can even overcome 2Gb upload limitation in IIS/ASP.NET and upload files of any size to IIS.
See How to Pause Upload, Cancel Upload, Restore Broken Upload.

Sample WebDAV Browser

Sample WebDAV Browser provided with an API demonstrates most features of IT Hit WebDAV Client API for .NET. It can be used as a full-featured download and upload manager. Sample WebDAV Browser features include: 

  • Pause\resume\cancel uploads and downloads. 
  • Restore broken uploads and downloads. 
  • Folders upload and download. 
  • Drag-drop files and folders from local disk to WebDAV server and back. 
  • Upload of files over 2Gb to IIS/ASP.NET. 
  • Locks management. 
  • Check-in\check-out, versions management. 
  • Basic, Digest, NTLM and Kerberos authentication and SSL connection

See WebDAV Browser Example.

Get Child Items Properties with a Single Request

With a new overloaded IFolder.GetChildren method you can request custom properties of all child items with a single request to the server. If you store WebDAV item ID as a custom property now you can easily get item ID with each item.
See the example provided with IFolder.GetChildren method description.

Attach Custom Headers to All Requests

With a new WebDavSession.CustomHeaders property you can now attach custom headers to all requests submitted to the server.

Improved Versioning Interfaces

Now you can obtain checked-in item state, version-control state, locks support and locks list without an extra request to the server. These properties are obtained during initial item opening and now can be accessed via new properties IResource.CheckedOut, IResource.VersionControlled, IHierarchyItem.ActiveLocks and IHierarchyItem.SupportedLock without submitting a request to the server.

What’s New in V 1.1

DeltaV Support 

With IT Hit WebDAV Client API now you can manage versions on a DeltaV server.

Now you can put files under version control, check-out/check-in files, list versions, download file version content and set auto-versioning mode.

See Managing Version-Controlled Items on a DeltaV Server

Compact Framework Support

Now IT Hit WebDAV Client API can be used for creating mobile applications. The new version supports .Net Compact framework 2.0 with SP1. Source codes version is provided with over 90 integration tests for Compact Framework.

Improved Connection Management

The library now provides properties for setting connection timeout, chunked transfer and client buffering. Prior to calling any hierarchy item methods you can set these connection properties for each item separately.

See Uploading Files to WebDAV Server.

Unit Tests Provided with Source Codes

90% of library code now covered with over 100 unit tests and over 90 integration tests. If you make any changes to the library source codes you can be sure they do not break the library!