WebDAV Client Library for .NET

WebDAV Client Library in .NET for creating iOS, Android and desktop DAV-enabled client applications.

iOS File Provider in Xamarin for WebDAV

iOS 11+ Sample
FileProviderGet in App Store

The library is provided with a sample file provider application for iOS 11+ that enables opening documents directly from WebDAV server and saving back without download/upload steps.

The sample application integrates into standard iOS Locations - Browse interface, so user can utilize Open menu in mobile MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, use Files iOS app to manage documents or use any other application to open documents from your CMS/CRM/ERP via WebDAV.

High Level Programming Interfaces

  • No WebDAV and XML experience required.
  • WebDAV RFC 4918, 2518 and DeltaV RFC 3253 compliant.
  • Runs on .NET, Xamarin iOS and Android.
  • Provides sync and TAP async interfaces.
  • Full WebDAV Class 2 locks management support.
  • Resumable upload support (Pause / Cancel / Restore broken upload).
  • Range / Content-Range header support for PUT and GET.
  • Basic, Digest, NTLM, Kerberos or custom authentication.
  • C# source codes¬†provided with unit and integration¬†tests.

Build Your Own File Manager UI

Using WebDAV Client Library for .NET you can build your own User Interface for managing files on your server according to open standards.

Your server can run WebDAV-compliant server based on .NET, Java, Node.js or any other technology.