Opening AutoCAD Files from a Web Page for Editing

Using IT Hit WebDAV Ajax Library and Ajax File Browser you can open AutoCAD files for editing from a web page. This will work on both Windows and Mac OS X in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE.

Typically to initiate editing using WebDAV Ajax Library you will call DocManager.DavProtocolEditDocument JavaScript function passing the URL of the AutoCAD document (.dwg, .dxf, etc). The JavaSctipt behind the DavProtocolEditDocument will check for davX protocol presence and will open a document from your WebDAV server. You can save the document back to server directly, just selecting a Save command, without download/upload steps. 

In case of Ajax File Browser if the protocol is not found it will display a protocol installation dialog. In case of WebDAV Ajax Library it executes the provided callback, so you can program the required behavior.



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