Managing Calendars (iCalendar, jCalendar, hCalendar, xCalendar)

Using Calendar classes of IT Hit Collab library, you can create events, to-dos (tasks), journals, free-busy components and time zones in the following formats: iCalendar, jCalendar, hCalendar, xCalendar. You can use it either on the server side to create a CalDAV server (typically together with IT Hit WebDAV Server Library for .NET) or on a client side to create a client-side calendar functionality.

Calendar (.ics) File Structure

This articles describes the content of calendar file on a CalDAV server, explains the difference between event components and instances and describes how the .ics file structure changes when you update a recurring event.

Managing Events and To-Do

This article describes how to create an event and to-do, as well as how to add, delete and update its properties.

Managing Date and Time Properties

This article describes how to create properties that contain date-time values and provides examples of properties that store date-time with time zone, in UTC format, floating time and date without time (for all-day events).

Time Zone Components

The IT Hit Collab library can automatically generate time zones based in time zones IDs provided in your calendar. This article provides general information about types of time zones databases and how to generate a time zone components.