Setting the License

The IT Hit Collab library is fully functional and does not have any limitations. However to use the API you will need a license file. The library can be activated using IT Hit WebDAV Server for .NET Library license or using other products licenses that the library provided with. You can download the IT Hit WebDAV Server Library trial license here. To check if your license can activate the IT Hit Collab library look for the <modules> section in the license string. If it contains iCalendar token it can activate the Calendar features of the library. If it contains the vCard token it can activate Business Card features of the library. The trial license is time-limited and the dll will stop working after the trial period expires. Pass the license text from a license file to the LicenseValidator.SetLicense static method:

LicenseValidator.SetLicense("<?xml ..."); 

Make sure you do not change any text in Data and Signature tags of license string as license validation will fail.

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