WebDAV Server Engine for .NET


No WebDAV and XML Experience Required

No need to study WebDAV / CalDAV / CardDAV standards and protocols. The WebDAV XML requests are parsed by the IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine and converted to high-level .NET API calls.


Independent of
Storage Type

The Engine can publish data from file system, SQL database, Amazon S3, Azure, or any DMS/CMS/CRM. Virtually any storage can be used to keep the files data and hierarchy. You are free to program any required files tree hierarchy.


Tested with Most WebDAV Clients

The Engine is tested with Microsoft Web Folders / miniredirector, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice / OpenOffice.org, iWork on iOS, MAC OS X Finder, Konqueror, Gnome Nautilus, and other WebDAV clients on Windows, MAC, Linux and mobile OSs.

Quick Start with Visual Studio Integration

Using WebDAV Wizards for Visual Studio provided with SDK you can create a WebDAV server implementation. You can add WebDAV support to your ASP.NET Web Site, ASP.NET Web Application and ASP.NET MVC Web Application, or you can create a new WebDAV server project. more...

Microsoft Office Integration

One of the coolest WebDAV features is the ability to open Microsoft Office documents from server and save back from Microsoft Office UI without additional download and upload steps. This article describes how to make your WebDAV server work with Microsoft Office. more...

IT Hit WebDAV Server Class Library Reference

IT Hit WebDAV Server API provides a set of interfaces and classes required to access your hierarchical storage. The API is independent of hosting environment so both HttpHandler-based and HttpListener-based servers can be created. more...


Pricing and Licensing Options

Different types of WebDAV Server Engine licenses allow single server installation, redistribution as part of your application or source codes license. You can also purchase server engine license together with one of the client licenses. more...